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All the Photo Booths!

Classic, Modern, and Ring

$850(Save $100) Originally:$950


The Classics never go out of style! An enclosed photo booth complete with the nostalgic curtain you know and love, but with much higher quality cameras and prints than you ever got in the mall! Just remember, what happens behind the curtain ends up on film!


Our most popular booth, Modern is sleek, clean, and fits in from the most elegant gala to a full on rager bash. Customize your background to suit your event and see why so many couples rave about this booth!


A high quality ring-light around the camera and screen illuminate you and ensure crisp clean photos every time! Strike a pose and show us what you've got!


$895(Save $100) Originally: $995

Bring a touch of antiquity to your event with the Vintage! Styled to look like an old-timey camera, this booth is sure to impress your guests, as will the photo quality, thanks to the internal DSLR camera and powerful flash. Show us why your look is timeless with a timeless booth!

Retro Mirror

$995(Save $200) Originally: $1,195

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, which booth is the most elegant of all?

The Retro Mirror, of course! Housed in a beautiful wood casing, it effortlessly blends in with wedding venues and continually blows people away with how fun and interactive it is!  You will not find another like it.

Astro Mirror


New for '23!! The Astro Mirror is a 5 foot tall mirror that is certain to impress. With custom animations for your event and plenty of room for everyone to primp and preen, your guests will be in awe of this booth.

360 Platform


New for '23!! You've seen them in videos, you've seen them in reels, maybe you've even seen one at an event yourself...well, now you can book one for your own event!

With a maximum of 3 people able to use it at a time, this is perfect for couples events like weddings and school dances.

360 Overhead


New for '23!! This 360 booth on steroids is able to fit over 12 people in at a time! The booth has a camera on a long arm (with a ring light, of course) that sits above you and spins around your whole group.

Massively popular with school dances, corporate events, and more, the 360 Overhead is one of a kind!

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