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Upgrades Galore!



Static - $225              Animated - $350


Face it - some venues are a little dark, and overhead lighting can only do so much. Make your room pop with an air of sophistication with beautiful uplighting!

Full RGBA means we can provide any colored light your heart desires to bring your wedding to the next level, from a lovely soft warm white to the brightest purples, blues, and more. Full control means it's 100% yours.

Let everyone know this is YOUR day!

We will work with you to design the perfect monogram for your wedding theme, in white, full color, or even animated! Best of all, you get to keep all design files (even ones you didn't use) after your wedding to use as you wish!

Monograms work great for family videos, cards, or even to start your own family crest!




Planning a wedding can be so time consuming. Slideshows are amazing, but who has the time?

Well, we do! We will guide you through the process, gathering pictures, videos, and music that you want to incorporate. From there, we will compile all these things together with smooth transitions and cohesiveness that you can treasure forever.

HD Projector

Sometimes a TV screen just doesn't cut it. Allow us to help with a large projection screen! Using a HD projector, we can display slideshows, monograms, videos, and more!

If you plan to have a slideshow - check with your venue first. Often they will provide the service for a reasonable price. If they won't, however, we've got you covered.




42" TV

You've spent all this time on your montage, but where to display it? Well, look no further! We will set up a 42" screen anywhere you need it!

Perfect for In-Memoriam tables, couple slideshows, blooper reels, and more!

For those who can't get enough singing (we know how you feel!) we will provide multiple microphones and tens of thousands of songs for you and your guests to sing the night away to.

Take the spotlight and show your family/friends what you're made of!

Call for current pricing & availability! 

Contact Us for Details

Contact Us for Details

Cocktail Music w/ Riley HaupT
Custom Event Lighting

While traveling all around the world, Riley Haupt's solo act has evolved into a fresh and engaging sound that will make the audience sing along or dance. With the use of his voice, looper pedal, guitar and beatboxing talents, Riley will perform all-time favorites and originals.


With an extensive list with over 300 songs, Riley is the life of the party.

If you have a vision for your wedding we can, and will, make it reality. If something you've been dreaming about isn't listed above please let us know and we will be happy to put together a solution.

It's your day. "No" isn't in our vocabulary.

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